Commercial Maintenance, Repair, and Installation

Are you a property manager looking for heating or A/C installation, maintenance, or repair on your commercial building? Alongside our residential clients, we work closely with many commercial businesses to keep their heating and A/C costs low. Having the proper heating and A/C system installed in your commercial office or apartments saves money over time in reduced utility bills.

Mini Split Installation

Mini split systems are really popular right now and for good reason! They are all electric, quiet, and efficient. Mini-splits can be installed without ducts which makes their locations very versatile, allowing heating and cooling in your home gym, garage-office and many more applications where traditional ducted systems don’t make sense.

Duct Maintenance, Repair, and Installation

Is the air going to the right place? No one wants to air-condition the attic when the system is supposed to be cooling the living room! Having properly installed and maintained air ducts makes sure you are maximizing your airflow efficiency. Not only will this increase your comfort, but it will also decrease utility bills and make your system work more quickly.

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair, Maintenance, Installation

Contact Rays Service for any work needed for your A/C or Heating system. We will send out an expert who can assess your air system and provide you with onsite help. Whether you need a repair or just general maintenance, we can help. And, unlike some other repair services, we will NEVER send out salespeople to your home.