Contact Rays Service for any work needed for your A/C or Heating system. We will send out an expert who can assess your air system and provide you with onsite help. Whether you need a repair or just general maintenance, we can help. And, unlike some other repair services, we will NEVER send out salespeople to your home. There is no conflict of interest or pressure on our team to meet sales quotas. Our focus is always on getting you the right part or product for your situation. We believe that this approach creates more trust, builds relationships, and is most cost-effective for our customers. Building strong relationships with our clients is also why you won’t see any hidden fees, ever. Also, know that we provide complimentary post-preventative maintenance on every install at the end of the first year.

Getting on schedule with preventative maintenance lets you relax, feeling less worried and more secure, knowing your heating and air system is in good shape. Preventative maintenance reduces utility bills and increases the life of your heating or A/C unit. It also allows our team to get familiar with your system, which makes diagnosing and fixing any future problems faster and easier. We especially encourage those with pets to take action on preventative maintenance. Pet hair and air conditioning units don’t mix! Well, they do as long as you regularly maintain them.

Most importantly, regularly scheduled maintenance will keep your system working at top efficiency—heating better and cooling better. These systems can be expensive—and we want you to get the most comfort for your buck! Call us today to get on track with preventative maintenance.

We service commercial units and provide inspections as well!

AC Maintenance

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