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Is the air in your home properly flowing throughout every room? No one wants to air-condition the attic when the system is supposed to be cooling the living room! Having properly installed and maintained air ducts ensures you are maximizing your airflow efficiency. Not only will this increase your comfort, but it will also decrease utility bills by ensuring your system works more quickly. Keeping your home air balanced is an important aspect of your comfort. Rays Heating and Cooling will send out an expert to review the duct system and make suggestions on how to circulate the air. Give us a call today for any of your duct installation or repair needs. We work with both residential and commercial air duct systems. If you’d like to learn more about duct installation, maintenance, and repair, give us a call! We will send out a specialist who can help determine the right solution for you. And, as always, we never send out salespeople or anyone with an incentive to sell. We look forward to helping you out!

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What Happens if Ductwork Is Damaged?

All residential homes are closed circuits. This means that the ductwork connects to the heating and cooling system in a closed loop. if there is any damage to your ducts then you could experience a few unpleasant things:

  • Your house isn’t the right temperature because the warm or cool air is leaking into the walls.
  • Rodents, insects, or other pests can gain access to the ductwork and make their home inside it.
  • Your house is noisy because loose ducts are rattling in your walls.
  • Your indoor air quality is compromised because more dust is entering your ducts and blowing from the vents.

Damaged ductwork can also make a mold infestation more likely. When heated air is blowing into your walls, it creates a warm, humid climate perfect for mold to grow. The longer you put off repairing your ductwork leaks, the worse the situation can get. Rays Heating and Cooling provides full-service air duct installation and repair, and we’re just a phone call away!

What Causes the Most Leaks in Ductwork?

Just like other parts of your house, your air ducts are subject to wear and tear. As your home settles, the ductwork shifts with the foundation and can come loose at the joinings. Other reasons that your home’s ductwork could be coming loose include:

  • Temperature fluctuations, especially high humidity.
  • Deterioration of the sealing material or corrosion of the ducts.
  • Pest infestation.
  • Pressure imbalance in the air moving through the ducts.

When your Rays Heating and Cooling technician completes your service, they look for ductwork leaks and then present you with the causes. We solve the problems causing the leaks, then fix the leaks; sometimes, though, we must complete new air duct installation if the damage is too extensive. If there is a pressure imbalance, sometimes we may recommend a repair or service to your furnace or air conditioner to restore the correct balance.

Where Are the Biggest Air Leaks Usually Found in Homes?

One bad leak in the wrong place in your La Crescenta house can cause your utility bills to spike and make the entire home uncomfortable. The attic is the first place your Rays Heating and Cooling tech looks for ductwork leaks. This part of your house is home to several large holes from:

  • Plumbing holes.
  • Open wall tops.
  • Duct chases.
  • Recessed can lights.
  • Uncovered whole house fans.

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