Heat Pump Installation and Repair in Santa Clarita, CA

We are all aware that California residents are pushing to move to all-electric appliance models. How can this be done in HVAC? Heat pumps offer all-electric heating and cooling for our customers in Santa Clarita, La Crescenta, and Glendale.

Heat pumps are extremely efficient and have no dangerous by-product to stress about. A heat pump uses refrigerant to heat and cool your home. As with the traditional split gas system, you have an indoor coil with a blower and an outdoor condenser and compressor. What makes these systems unique is the use of reversing valves. They simply do as named; they reverse the direction of the refrigerant as it collects heat energy, removing the heat energy from your home in cooling mode and bringing heat energy into your home during heat mode.

Luckily, for all Santa Clarita, La Crescenta, and Glendale residents, the temperatures outdoors do not get too cold to use a heat pump year-round. Even when the weather outside does not feel warm, there is still heat energy to gather to bring into the home.

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At Rays Heating and Cooling , we have straight heat pump options as well as the new Dual Fuel.

Because most people are used to the gas furnace and the instant heat that they produce, getting used to the heat pump can take some time. But what if we told you you could have the best of both worlds? Rays Heating and Cooling can install a heat pump coil and condenser to work with your existing gas furnace or install a new gas furnace. What makes this system so fantastic is that the thermostat will always start with the most efficient heating mode of electricity, but if the system is not getting to temperature soon enough, it can literally “step on the gas” and switch to gas heating to get to the desired temperature.

When in the cooling cycle, the efficiency of the heat pump will help reduce the electricity cost. This allows for the ultimate in efficiency and comfort.

For us at Rays Heating and Cooling , making sure our customers enjoy their homes and look forward to the comfort they provide is the number one priority for us. Switching to a new style of HVAC system can seem overwhelming. We are here to walk you through all the differences and make sure you know what type of system you are investing in. Most customers will only replace their HVAC system two times in their lifetime. We want to make sure we have earned your business both times.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Rays Heating and Cooling offers complete heat pump installation, including safely disposing of your old appliance, so you don’t have to. When your heat pump installation tech arrives, they’ll install the new heat pump, test it, and then show you how to operate it, program it, or troubleshoot it. Don’t forget to enroll in our annual maintenance plans to keep your new heat pump running smoothly!

Just like all other HVAC systems, heat pumps require maintenance and will need repairs as well. Because the system uses refrigerant for both heating and cooling, making sure the installation was correct and no refrigerant leaks are present will allow your system to run for many years.

Maintaining the heat pump twice a year is very important. There is no seasonal time off for a heat pump. It works through the cold and then keeps going during the warmer months too. Ensuring the compressor is always working and making sure it can breathe is going to be very important.

If you are ready to switch to a heat pump or dual fuel, or just need repair and maintenance on your existing heat pump, give Rays Heating and Cooling a call.

How Do You Know When Your Heat Pump Is Going Out?

As the components of your Glendale home’s heat pump start to break down, you may hear loud, alarming sounds when it operates, such as an obnoxious whooshing sound. Unusual sounds coming from your heat pump tend to be overlooked, but in reality, the heat pump should always operate quietly in the background.

Anything noisy should be checked out by an expert from Rays Heating and Cooling .

Noise isn’t the only indication that your heat pump could be going out. Some other signs that it’s time for a repair or replacement include:

  • Your utility bills are higher, even though your usage hasn’t changed – this means the heat pump is losing efficiency.
  • The appliance short-cycles or turns on and off often.
  • You can’t get the temperature right in your La Crescenta house.
  • You’re calling for repairs more and more often.

What Usually Fails on a Heat Pump?

Some of the most common kinds of heat pump problems involve worn parts. Over time, the friction of the moving parts when the appliance is operating will wear the parts and bearings down. When the parts wear down, they can cause the unit to stop working or break, making the heat pump less efficient. Other common heat pump problems the Rays Heating and Cooling repair techs encounter are:

  • Blocked air intake, which makes it harder for the heat pump to work effectively.
  • Low refrigerant charge, which means that your heat pump can’t get the air as cold as it should.
  • The frozen evaporator coil, which happens if the heat pump doesn’t get adequate airflow.

Luckily, Rays Heating and Cooling techs are properly trained, licensed, and bonded, capable of fixing even the most complicated heat pump problems. Call us today for a free estimate!

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