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Rays Service Inc is excited to announce that we are working with a new financing company that is first class in financing customers for their home improvement projects.

GoodLeap is dominating the industry with their ability to qualify customers to install a new heating and air conditioning system with low monthly payments.

You know what they say about the best laid plans. We always want the installation of a new heating and air conditioning system to be an exciting time for people, but this might not always be the case. With financing, we can help lessen the burden on your budget and savings with lots of options for payoffs, even zero interest and no payments. It can be shocking to know the cost of a new heating and air conditioning system. Over the years the price has climbed and does not show any sign of lessening.

Our average cost for a full heating and air conditioning system install over the past few years:

  • 2019 $6000 to $8000, up to $12,000 with ducts
  • 2020 $8000 – $12,000, up to $15,000 with ducts
  • 2021 $9000 – $15,000, up to $20,000 with ducts
  • 2022 $10,000 – $21,000, up to $25,000 with ducts

As always, we are offering 0% interest for 18 months, and with GoodLeap there is no minimum payment during this promotional period. And no prepayment penalty.

If you sign up with auto pay, not only will you never have to worry about missing a payment, but you receive an additional .50% off your interest rate.

Rays Service offers the following payment options for customers:

  • **monthly payments based on an average install cost of $15,000, with auto pay enabled.**
  • 12-month 0% interest, no minimum payment – $235.03 after promotional period
  • 18-months 0% interest, no minimum payment – $247.50 after promotional period
  • 7 years, 8.99% – $245.17 monthly payments
  • 10 years, 8.99% – $192.34 monthly payments
  • 12 years, 8.99% – $172.56 monthly payments
  • 15 years, 8.99% – $153.59 monthly payments

Let Rays Service and GoodLeap provide you with the comfort you deserve!

Call Rays Service Inc., for more information about GoodLeap financing. 818-697-4609