To better serve our customers and provide them with the honesty they deserve in the service field, Ray’s Service has moved to the industry-preferred TruTransparency pricing. This pricing structure will allow for more clarity and openness on how we price our service jobs. We are still under CDTFA regulations to provide invoices in a lump sum, but if you want the breakdown of the cost, please just ask us. We have nothing to hide.

We have gone through all our inventory to price our service parts at retail value. Most of our parts (some exclusion: filters and refrigerant) come with a one-year labor and part warranty. There are no hidden fees.

Our new pricing structure: TruTransparency

Trip and Diagnostic:

Includes: Travel to your location, troubleshooting of system. Repair estimates and recommendations for the customer to review prior to any work performed. Removal of fee if work estimated is signed and done.

Benefit: Upfront diagnostic with customer provided equipment specifications.

Regular Service:

$199 fee for installing 85% of the typical service repair parts (parts and material are additional, per system).

Includes: Service fee for the technician to repair the equipment and bring to safe and proper function. One-year part and labor warranty.

Benefit: One-year warranty, in stock on truck equipment, on most parts listed (little down time to you). Upfront, honest cost.

Discounted add on service fee charge: $99

Includes: Service fee for additional work performed on multi system homes or unrelated service repairs (parts and material additional)

**exception for one year warranty


  • Dual run capacitor
  • Run capacitor
  • Hard start capacitor (Electrical material)


  • AC limit(Copper tee, brazing fee)
  • Circuit board
  • Contactor
  • Control board
  • Condensate switch
  • Defrost board
  • Relay
  • Thermostat
  • Thermostat re-wire standard
  • Thermostat backing plate
  • Transformer
  • Time delay
  • Zone board (Electrical material)


  • Damper bypass
  • Damper actuator
  • Damper powdered (wire)

Evaporative cooler:

  • Pump
  • Valve


  • Low voltage fuse
  • Disconnect (fuse, wire, anchors)
  • Breaker
  • Whip (liquid type, fittings, wire)
  • Defrost board
  • Low voltage wire standard


  • Pan
  • Valve
  • controls (electrical fittings)


  • Clogged filter replacement**


  • Ignition module
  • Fan Relay
  • Pressure switch (tubing, electrical)
  • Pilots
  • Thermocouple
  • Limit switch
  • Minor gas leak (gas fittings, brazing)
  • Millivolt
  • Gas valve
  • Hot surface ignitor (electrical material)



  • Inducer
  • Blower
  • Blower wheel (clean fee)
  • Blower mount assembly
  • Condenser
  • Condenser fan blade (without motor)(Capacitor, electrical)

Air Conditioning:

  • Compressor sound blanket
  • Condensation pump (copper tubing, per foot)
  • Outdoor coil wash** (solution)
  • Refrigerant added**
  • Drain pan standard
  • Drain clearing**

Register/ grills

Service equipment:

  • Access port
  • Belt
  • Valve cores
  • Leak seal**

Rebuild service fee: $599

Includes: Service fees for a rebuild and installing minor equipment, parts and material are additional, per system. One-year parts and labor warranty.

  • Attic fan (misc. material, plywood, rubber pads)
  • Drain pan major
  • Low voltage wire major
  • Major gas leak detection
  • Indoor coil wash (coil wash solution, filter drier, copper fittings, brazing fee)
  • Leak check 410A
  • Pressure check 410A
  • Thermostat rewire major (wire, electrical material)
  • Direct replacement wall heater
  • Heat exchanger

Misc. fees added if necessary:

  • Vendor afterhours fee (set by vendor)
  • Shipping charge for OEM or special-order parts $99
  • Service provided after hours, on weekends or holidays